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Introducing our company

Established in 1964, BIM is specializing in the fabrication and refill of industrial brushes of all types. Our technical know-how, the savoir-faire of our employees as well as our experience, permits us to offer to our clients products of highest quality and durability. We supply practically almost all industrial branches in this field, such as the milling industry, pharmacy, naval and marine repairs, microelectronics and agro-alimentary businesses. All of our products are in accordance with strictest European standards and/or respond to all hygienic directives as well as to all alimentary norms in force. All orders will be painstakingly carried out according diagrams, plans and measures received. Due to our long-time experience we are able to consult you in the elaboration of your orders, no matter whether they concern new or replacement material, so that the utmost possible performance can be achieved, both for the efficiency and longevity of the object in question.

Our objective: To have 100% of satisfied clients.

We manufacture special brushes, standard brushes and made-to-measure brushes, being utilized for the most different tasks, such as: gluing, coating, laying on of substances, underwater hull-cleaning of vessels, dust off work, distribution, braking, scraping off jobs, guiding, washing, polishing, work in the grinding industries, in flour mills, cleaning, protection, transportation of materials, sports